Flight for Survival

Client: Birdlife Europe
Product: Campaign website
Budget: 40K

Birdlife Europe wanted to launch a campaign to alert on the risks 7 bird species face during their migrations between Europe and Africa. While some birds sometimes travel half of the surface of the globe, they risk being trapped, killed or traded, especially when flying over a number of countries identified as particular black spots. It is estimated that 25 000 000 birds are annually killed on these flights.


The campaign was built on 2 pillars.

First, the beautification of the birds names as “the magnificent seven”. Indeed, anything that can reduce the psychological distance between individuals and the abstract notion of saving wildlife is likely to be an important tool for public engagement. The use of real images was also a necessity as we wanted the campaign to be an anthem to Nature.

Second, we needed to inform and be pedagogical. We decided to disclose detailed – and sometimes harsh - information on the amount of kilometers, the pathway, and the biggest dangers of each bird on his flightway.

This is why we designed an aesthetic and pure website, always balancing between beauty and the hard reality of the horrors the seven are facing along their flightways…

Birdlife Europe ran a pan-European campaign to raise awareness and funds. This implied engaging citizens. However, Birdlife Europe, being an umbrella organisation, could not reach EU citizens without the help of its grassroot members.

A website was designed to introduce anyone to the campaign and act as a repository of the different resources at the disposal of the members. A page with all the campaigns led by the members was designed, as well as a social media wall. Depending on the needs, the website either asks users to sign to the newsletter (and build a database of potential activists), or to send a tweet targeting MEPs during an important vote in the European Parliament.

As a result, rather than leading the campaign, Birdlife Europe led a position of coordination and support. It was crucial to help members carry the campaign in the national, regional and local networks by providing them with materials and ready-to-use tools.