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At Old-Continent, we believe the European Union deserves to be better explained, with images, with emotions, with clarity.


Responsible for business development, staff management, strategy, and occasional project oversight. Enjoys exploring fortresses across Europe.
The visual soul of Old-Co since its creation; has been involved in all the 300 projects of the agency.
When she’s not sending emails and sharing early 2000s girly pop music with her colleagues, you’ll find her at the cinema or watching football at home, contemplating dinner options.
A passionate videographer who conceives and directs videos across Europe. Permanently curious and always eager for a new film, song, or recipe.
A serial highlighter and pink enthusiast, Antonella enjoys checking off to-do lists and advocating for gender equality/fighting the patriarchy.
The cornerstone of our web design team, Reynald is a problem solver, pragmatic, and kind. He never takes notes but never forgets anything.
A French-Greek graphic designer with a background in international studies. When she’s not working on designs, you’ll likely find her climbing or practicing lettering.


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Gauthier Bas

Managing director

Book a short call with our manager Gauthier Bas, who can explain how we work and help you decide if our services fit your needs. If you prefer to send an email, you can reach him at gauthier[at]

Gauthier co-founded Old-Continent in 2013 and is the managing director since 2017. Since more than 10 years he guides international organisations, environmental NGOs and EU federations throughout the conception, production, and dissemination of communication campaigns. Thanks to his experience, he has a quick grasp of what is at stake in terms of communication on any subject.