delicate details of the deal, Seiko will now have four watches in this collection: two 3-hand watches (one round and one tonneau, very faithful to the history of the brand (something that some recent watches in the PP catalogue don t have ) and at the same time technically modern. Yes, big fan of Patek Philippe. replica watches Nothing can be compared to the Nautilus, Swiss Made Rolex Daytona and Fake Sea Dweller Jacques Piccard Special Edition. Over the past years Longines has released quite a few historically inspired timepieces like the Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch and the Weems Second-Setting Watch.

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& creative

At Old-Continent, we believe the European Union deserves to be better explained, with images, with emotions, with clarity.


In charge of business development, staff, strategy, sometimes projects… love visiting fortress across Europe.
The visual soul of Old-Co since its creation; has been involved in all the 300 projects of the agency.
When she’s not sending emails and bugging her colleagues with early 2000s girly pop music, she’s either at the cinema or at home watching football, probably wondering what to have for dinner.
Passionate videographer, he conceives and directs videos all across Europe. Permanently curious and always up for a film, a song or a recipe.
Serial highlighter, pink lover, enjoys ticking off to-do lists and fighting the patriarchy.
The web pillar of the agency; problem solver, pragmatic and kind, never takes notes, nor forget things.
A French-greek graphic designer with a background in international studies; if she is not climbing, she probably works on lettering.


Would you like to learn more about us or discuss about a new project ?

Gauthier Bas

Managing director


+32 485 162 156

Giorgia Gasperini

Senior Project manager


+32 483 180 313

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