European Environmental Bureau

European Environmental Bureau

Client: European Environmental Bureau
Product: Website and Visual identity
Budget: 60K

The EEB, the biggest federation of environmental NGOs in Brussels, had trouble presenting a modern image to its interlocutors because their visual identity had been created, well... 40 years ago.


By conducting more than 20 interviews, a questionnaire and in talking with their members, staff, and main partners we understood that they needed to show both their EU technical background and their greater environmental aspirations.

So we crafted a full visual identity, new colours, designs, and dozens of document templates that reflect better what has become the organisation offer 45 years of presence in Brussels.

On the other side, we completely rethink their website, creating a radically different online presence. The principle was to create a space for each policy area – where their staff in charge will be able to use as their own mini website. Based on Wordpress, the website is easily adaptable by the core team and appears to be the tool they needed to conduct their activities properly.

  • Strategic analysis
  • Conception of 4 different options
  • Production of 12 document templates
  • Production of a 40-page website
  • Advice on release

For the same period their website has doubled its number of visitors and people stay longer on the website - while praising the new visuals.
New colours, renewed engagement and motivation for their 150 member organisations