DG Regio

EU in my Region

Client: European Commission DG REGIO
Product: EUIMR 2018 campaign
Budget: 130K

Cohesion Policy is one of the main pillar of the EU. Its budget of of 50 billion EUR per year represent a third of the European budget, which permits investment all around Europe, particularly in least favoured regions.

In May, DG Regio, organise a campaign inciting project beneficiaries (those who receive EU funding) to open the doors of their project to the public. The campaign relies on the good will of managing authorities and the projects involved and has limited means to actually operate in the thousands of places involved.


Rather than asking beneficiaries to use our posters, promote our videos, or act in specific direction, we reverse the paradigm and offer to help those who were the most motivated to act.

Therefore, we position ourselves as the “beneficiary agency”, offering free services like postcards printing, video case production, on site reportages, an online training, a quiz. We created templates which were flexible enough to be used in any language, and with a visual identity capable of illustrate all these activities without breaking the identity of each of them.

This decentralised approach generates huge impact locally for a minimum investment at the Brussels level. 900 events were registered on the map, for a potential reach of 100.000 people attending. More than 300 postcards pictures were submitted for 130 printed. The quiz was completed by 3600 people while the communication toolkits was download more than 1000 times.

The less tangible result is the change of behaviour towards the EC from project beneficiaries. Instead of appearing as an administrative burden, we could now develop bilateral relations and an image of enablers, of giver rather than requiring anything. We hope these relations will contribute to solid collaboration in the future between projects and DG Regio.